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llage head.Inspired by Xi's idea of target▓ed poverty alleviation, the village committee started supporting industries such as breeding, planting▓, Miao embroidery and village to

2007 - 2009

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urism, as well as labor export.In cooper▓ation with a rural cooperative, the village arranged for over 66.7 hectares of land elsewhere to be plante▓d with kiwis, a popular fruit.

2007 - 2009

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The kiwis b▓ase was expanded this year and helped v▓illagers in other townships to shake off poverty, said Shi Jintong, a township official stationed in Shibad▓ong village.Tourism

2006 - 2007

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is booming in Shibadong. The per capita▓ net income of villagers was 3,580 yuan last year, up 115▓ percent from 2013."We really thank general secretary a lot," said Shi Quanyou, a

2007 - 2008

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Shibadong resid▓ent, who returned home from outside▓ three years ago and opened the first restaurant ▓for visitors in the village.China is deter▓mined to win the war against pover

2007 - 2009

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ty, by adopting variou▓s means to reduce poverty, such as e-commerce▓, financing, industries, relocation and improvement of infrastructure.The country expects to achieve its targ

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et of lifting 10 million people out of poverty this year and has set the same target for next year.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to fol


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low▓ us on Wechatby Li Baojie, Wang Ruo▓yao BEIJING, March 25 (Xinhua) -- Local authorities in southwest China are moving to clamp down on▓ food price hikes as the worst drought i

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n de▓cades shows no sign of easing. Authorities in Guiya▓ng, capital of the poverty-stricken mountainous Guizhou pr▓ovince, have indicated they would step up price monitoring and

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crack down on price gouging. Vegeta▓ble vendors will be fined up to 100,000 yuan (14,▓650 U.S. dollars) if they are found involved in jacking up vegetable prices. The maximum fine


ang is a villager in Shaanxi Provinc

e's Liangjia

for businesses is 1 million yuan. In Kunming, capital of▓ the hardest-hit Yunnan province, the local government is monitoring food prices and supply on a daily basis. Local pric


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mpai▓gns to crack down on food hoarding and p▓rice gouging. Local governments in their neighboring r▓egions have taken similar measures to preve▓nt huge rises in prices of grain, edible oil, and vegetables. The dry weather has been ravaging southwest China for months, affecting 61.3 million residents and 5 million hectares of crops in Guizhou, Yunnan, Sichuan, C▓hongqing, and Guangxi. The worsening drought has▓ damaged wide swathes of vegetables and sparked shar▓p price hikes. Many vegetable prices have more than doubled. Hou Junfa, a purcha▓sing manager in a hotel in Nanning, capital▓ of Guangxi, said vegetable prices continued to sur▓ge even after the Chinese Lunar New Year when pri▓ces usually fall. Wang Wenying, a wholesaler in Nanning, s▓aid that prices of onion and potato continued to rise b▓ecause of output declines in Yunnan, a main vegetable pro▓ducing region. The price hikes have resulted in increases in household expending. A local resident in Nanning, surnamed Yang, said he spent five yuan more on vegetables than a month ago. Some residen▓ts choose to buy cheaper vegetables to cut household expending. BEIJING, Jan. 31 (Xinhua) -- China will put more investment, subsidies, fiscal and▓ policy supports into rural areas this year so as to better coordinate urban and rura▓l development, the central government said Sunday in its first policy document of the year."Working for coordinated development between urban and rural areas is the fundamental requirement of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way," said the document.The docum▓ent, jointly issued by the Central Committee of the ▓Communist Party o

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